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Traditional Arts and Crafts Workshops for Kids

Traditional Arts and Crafts Workshops for Kids  

We have a full range of workshops offered during these winter months. Any of the classes currently offered by the museum can be adapted to your needs as a group
We can arrange a specific date and time for your group. We can discuss group rates.

Sat., Feb. 1, 9-5PM (with lunch break): Metal Casting in Brass/Bronze
Learn about how a furnace melts metal. This includes an overview of safety, furnaces, fuels and metals. Hands on preparation of a sand mold to cast a choice of objects, including strike plates for your front door, door knocker or sun dial. We will do two castings, time permitting. $175 for two: parent and child price, age 12 and older to participate. We will reduce the tuition for siblings, friends, spouses and parent/child students/

Sat., Feb. 8, 2-5PM: Cast a Pewter Heart for Someone Special (3 Hours)
Learn pewter casting and create an original Valentine for someone special using traditional jewelry making skills. This involves melting metal and casting from molds. No previous experience required. Materials and tools provided. Age 12 and older to participate. $65 Non-Members, $55 Members

Sun., Feb.23, 1-4PM: Recycle a Button Workshop (3 Hours)
Use your own antique buttons (or use ours*) to create original jewelry items like brooches, rings and earrings. We will use cold connection techniques such as riveting along with traditional jewelry making skills to assemble one-of-a-kind wearables. Beach glass and other found objects are welcome! Age 12 and up to participate. $75 Non-Members, $65 Members. *Extra materials available from the instructor in a range of prices.

Crystal Set Radio Making Workshop (4 Hours)
Believe it or not, kids and their parents used to make their own radios. The homemade wooden armature, which held radio components, could be artistic creations reflecting your favorite pop culture or personal icon/cartoon character, like this Felix the Cat crystal radio from the 1930s. You will assemble a crystal set radio kit and create your own design from wood to hold the radio components. This will involve using hand tools. Age 8 and older to participate. $75 Non-Members, $65 Members

Make a Catapult Workshop (4 Hours)
Make your own toy, as the Victorians sometimes did. Learn about potential energy, springs, gears, levers and post and beam construction, with dowel pegs, on a small scale with your completion of a wooden table top siege weapon of yore measuring 24” x 12” x 12”. Age 8 and older to participate.
$55 Non-Members, $45 Members.

Blacksmithing for Teens (4 Hours)  
This custom designed course is for teen groups of boys and girls who wish to be introduced to the basics of blacksmithing and metallurgy. We will cover safety, fire making, heating, bending and cutting, and shaping with the completion of some small projects ( S-Hook and/or J –Hook). Tools and materials provided. We may use propane forges rather than coal forges during the winter.

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