Thursday, December 26, 2013

Traditional Arts Workshops for January, February, and March, 2014

Friday, January 17, 9AM-5PM, Metal Casting Class in Brass/Bronze. Furnaces, fuels, molds and metals. Students ( mature teens welcome) will complete one or two castings. In addition to some lecture, students will have hands-on experience creating green sand patterns which will receive molten metal from a crucible. Metal will be heated in a cylinder furnace using propane fuel. There will be a choice of patterns, including a door knocker, sun dial and others. Non-Members $175 Members $165

Saturday, January 18, 9AM-1PM. Woodworking, Mortise and Tenon Construction. Make a Buck Saw. Beginners will make a half size buck saw out of maple wood using mortise and tenon joinery. A turnbuckle will be created to achieve the proper blade tension. Non Members $65 Members $55. All materials provided. Adults and teens welcome.

Saturday and Sunday, January 25 & 26, 9AM-5PM. Woodworking, Dovetailing, Make a Blanket Chest Class. Learn to make dovetail joints using traditional hand tools. Prepare all the joints for a traditional ix board chest with a hinged top. Non Members $275 Members $265

Saturday, February 1, 9AM-4PM. Blacksmithing: Make Hardware. Learn basic metal work with a propane forge. The project may consist of making hinges, latches, a set of handles, a door knocker or a coat rack ( see photo). Non Members $125 Members $115

Saturday and Sunday, February 15 & 16, 9AM-3PM. Metal Casting Class: Make Your Own Metal Casting Furnace. Create a cylinder furnace fueled by propane for aluminum, brass, and bronze casting. Non Members $175 Members $115

Saturday and Sunday, March 1 & 2.. 9AM-3PM Blacksmithing: Make a Draw Knife and/or Slicks (chisels). Shape a blade out of spring steel on a coal or propane forge. Form tangs to fit wooden handles to. This will be offered as a package deal or singularly with the Create a Shaving Horse Class ( 20% discount). Intermediate students can make a froe (see photo) involving a forge weld. Non Members $275 Members $265

Saturday and Sunday, March 8 & 9, 9AM-4PM. Woodworking: Create a Shaving Horse Class. With master woodworker Fred Chellis of little River Windsor Chairs, students will learn riving, an early woodworking technique in which a froe, wedges and a maul may be used to split a big log into workable lumber. The wood will be further shaped and fitted with a shaving knife and other tools. Non Members $275 Members $265

To reserve your place in the class, contact us at: director@willowbrookmuseum,org and/or (207) 793-2784.

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