Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Workshops in Restoration for the Young and the Mature

Model T Restoration Classes

  • Re-Wooding a Homemade Vintage Model T cord saw
  • Restoring a Model T engine 

Country Store Panel Wagon Restoration Class

If you would be interested in being a member of one or both of these workshops, contact us: or (207) 793-2784. We will consider teens for these classes, as we believe these types of hands-on learning experiences to be important foundational skills and knowledge for young minds.

In discussing workshops for the near future, we are planning to offer two unique workshop opportunities. The workshops will involve restoring a Model T engine and re-wooding, with some blacksmithing necessitated as well, a horse drawn grocery wagon. Students will pay a nominal fee to support the cost of materials and the instructor's time. The students will be given mini-lessons to carry out the individual steps of these restorations. The class will last one season with a weekly meeting planned. Students will learn about tools and materials; they will complete the class knowing that they have contributed to the restoration of this museum object, and that its functionality will continue to both impress, educate, and inspire. The student of these classes will become knowledgeable of this technology. They will be prepared to replicate this process foir themselves and for others. 

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